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In an attempt to build a platform for Human Resources Professionals, the posts may benefit society at large. The posts are meant for everyone. Seasoned professionals, middle managers, beginners, students or someone who are deciding a career for themselves, may find something relevant. The idea is to disseminate the knowledge and experiences I have gained over a span of ten years in my professional career in Human Resources Management.

Believe me, I am still learning. Everyday I learn something unique, be it from books, internet, behavior of people around me or experiences with external stakeholders. Even when you walk out, you will observe, how things come across and will compel you to think about certain incidences. Human Resources professionals are usually good at observing. They try to give meaning to all such observations.

General view

Most of the time I am busy doing my routine job, office and all. But I will try my best to continue posting anything and everything that I feel is relevant and worth posting. Will cover more on Human Resources and associated topics. Other coverage areas would be employee engagement, motivation, skill enhancement, specially finding what employee is best at? Finding a right employee, with right skill sets, at right place and at right time should be the target of every employer. There are many methodologies to do this especially using HR tools.

What I expect from visitors?

As an author, I request all the visitors to share the knowledge with as many people as you can and make this place even happening. I would also like the visitors to contribute if you have something to say. I have added a web form to submit your views and ideas. If found relevant, I will publish it on the blog. I encourage all the visitors to share their HR interviews so that other may learn from your experiences.

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